Think You're Addicted?

Only you can answer that question. This quiz may help: Check the box of each statement that applies to you:

I use more than I intend to.
I avoid people and/or places that do not condone my usage.
I spend more money on alcohol and/or drugs than I can afford.
I wonder why some people don't use.
I sometimes drink or drug alone.
I guard my supply.
I have tried substituting one substance for another thinking
"one" particular substance was my problem.
I have neglected my responsibilities due to my using.
My family and friends complain about my using.
I use because my family drives me crazy.
I have conned doctors for "legal" drugs, telling myself that it's okay
to use them because they are legal.
I use one substance to offset the effects of another.
I have been in trouble with friends, family, school, or my job because of my using.
I have been in trouble with the law as a result of my using.
I have empty alcohol containers in my car.
I take drugs that I don't prefer.
I do things while under the influence that I would not ordinarily do while straight.
The good times are gone from my using.
I think I must be high to have a good time.
I have questioned my own sanity.
I have had a blackout, where I wake up the next morning and
don't remember what happened the night before.
I lie about what or how much I use.
I use alcohol or drugs to feel more comfortable with people.
I have tried to control my use.
I have tried to cut down my use.
I have tried to stop using.
I am ashamed of my using.
I think I might have a drinking or drug problem.
I want to stop but I can't do it alone.

DO YOU HAVE FIVE OR MORE STATEMENTS CHECKED? If so, then you probably have a problem. The good news: You're here, which means you're concerned about taking those first steps on the road to recovery.

Addiction is a disease that ends in either recovery or death. It robs us of our pride, self-esteem, family, friends and, at times, our desire to live. If you've approached the above test honestly, it may help to show you how your life has become unmanageable.