A Message From Dr. Maltin, Medical Director, KPC

The fundamental principle underlying our therapeutic efforts is the concern for the individual's recovery. This process involves the individual's abstinence from all mind-altering substances, his/her psychological and spiritual growth, and the healing of intra-family conflict in addition to developing caring and fulfilling relationships.

The strength of our program lies in the integrity, dedication, and competence of our staff. Our focus is to provide effective treatment which combines our main modality of group counseling with individualized psychological therapy where appropriate. We are prepared to deliver what we set forth as our treatment policies in a setting that fosters dignity and respectfulness. We attempt to assess the needs of each client and provide a flexible treatment approach that meets that individual's problems. In doing so, we are mindful of our therapeutic limitations and will readily refer people to more appropriate settings where their particular needs will be more suitably addressed. In doing so, we operate as a team, with consultation with the client and any referral sources or managed care companies.

The staff at KPC developed and pioneered the outpatient, intensive model of substance abuse/dependency treatment. We then integrated it with an individual psychological approach in recognition of the frequency with which psychological and psychiatric conditions accompany addictions. These significant emotional difficulties often need to be addressed if long-term recovery is to be effective. The capacity to utilize medications where appropriate is also available under psychiatric supervision.

A vital part of our efforts is directed to family or significant other involvement in the treatment process. This involvement combines an assessment, education, and group interaction experience to help family members, spouses, and significant others understand and cope with the effects of addictions on the client and themselves.

We regard KPC as one of the most capable outpatient treatment facilities currently available, and have endeavored to continue the tradition of effective, respectful care which Ken Peters established in our original facility in 1983.