Family Services To Restore Emotional Stability

Our family services STOP the destructive progression, REDUCE anxiety, fear, and anger, ELEVATE self-esteem, IMPROVE outlooks and relationships, and RESTORE emotional stability.

Chemical dependency is a family disease, and every abuser directly affects four or five other people. As a result, those who have lived with or have been close to the abuser experience many painful emotions and feelings that must be dealt with.

The impact of chemical dependency on an entire family is devastating. Without treatment of the family as well as the abuser, elements of communication, respect, and hope disappear.

At our family sessions, we witness the relief experienced by family members who begin to realize that chemical dependency is a treatable illness

The family comes to us frightened, angry, and embarrassed. In a short period of time, however, they begin to experience a positive outlook and attitude. They gain a better perspective of themselves and each other. Relationships improve and become stronger.

At every session, we guide and support the family members through the many periods of transition and adjustment which are part of the recovery process.