Comprehensive Chemical Dependency Treatment

The Kenneth Peters Centers For Recovery are modern, innovative centers for information, education, and treatment services related to the family disease of alcoholism. KPC's comprehensive range of services, expertly managed by qualified health professionals, are specifically designed to effectively deal with the many implications of alcohol abuse, alcoholism, and chemical dependency.

KPC's sole purpose and primary goal is to provide the community with the highest professional staff performance and the most comprehensive array of services which fully respond to a wide range of interests and needs of individuals, families, and organizations seeking assistance for the debilitating effects of alcoholism.

Successful recovery from addiction requires a holistic approach, addressing the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of the client, his or her family, and significant others throughout the recovery process.

The principles, traditions, and values of Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, and other relevant self-help groups are an integral part of the philosophy of treatment. The mission is to reduce the adverse effects of alcohol abuse and alcoholism upon the individual, the family, significant others, and the community. Central to the concept of KPC is the principle of self-care for individuals recovering from alcoholism, as well as for their families and significant others.

All direct services shall be provided in accordance with principles of continuity of care whereby a single member of the professional staff shall exercise primary responsibility for each person served at all times. All direct services shall be provided in accordance with an individual written plan of treatment and shall provide for appropriate review and revision under the direction of the Medical Director.

KPC and its staff shall work closely and cooperatively with managed care and other gatekeepers appropriate to insure the patient receives the highest quality of care at the level most appropriate to the needs of the patient.